The CCC Fund; At A Glance

We strive to make requesting and receiving grants as easy as possible.

Here’s a 30 second brief on receiving a grant from the CCC Fund.

3 Ways How to Get in Touch

Call: (517) 290-4892


Need-To-Know Information

The Fund does pays outstanding medical bills
The Fund does not pay family members directly


Types of Expenses Approved for Grants

Medical bills
Unpaid prescriptions/medication
Hospital bills
Funeral expenses
In home care bills
Medical appliance expenses
And Many Other Types of Expenses



Q: I need assistance paying household expenses (rent, electricity, heat, school tuition, credit card) can your fund help?
A: The CCC Fund pays outstanding medical bills and related expenses. The fund does not pay personal bills.

Q: I have unpaid medical bills from 2 (or more)  years ago; does that still qualify?
A: Possibly. If these medical expenses are outstanding, our fund may be able to assist if payment is still due.

Q: I live in Northern Michigan; is your fund able to assist me if I live outside of Oceana County?
A: Yes! The fund’s parameters reach Oceana County and surrounding areas. If you’re outside of West Michigan the fund may still be able to assist you.

Q: I’d like to make a donation to the fund. Where do I send it?
A: Please make donations payable to: Cancer and Critical Care Fund
Our mailing address is: 6381 Island Lake Drive, East Lansing, MI 48823
All donations are tax deductible. Please include your mailing address so we may send you a receipt.

Q: I cannot make a monetary donation, is there any other way I can donate to the fund?
A: We are always looking for volunteers to assist in planning and executing our annual charity events. If you are interested in volunteering please email us!


The Granting Process

The Community Foundation for Oceana County assists charitable organizations and individual donors with the management and distribution of funds intended to better our community.

There are numerous ways for contributions to be allocated through the Community Foundation. Scholarships, grants, organizational endowments, charitable gifts and support for non-profits are some of the ways to give.

The Cancer and Critical Care Fund offers grants to financially assist individuals who have cancer or any type of critical illness with medical expenses. The fund’s mission is to reduce the financial burden of medical expenses and other related costs. The qualifications for receiving grants are liberally defined so as many individuals as possible can benefit.

It is estimated that the fund will give 5-8 individual grants per year. The granting processes can occur at any time that a need arises. After building a foundation for the fund’s endowment, the Cancer and Critical Care Fund will be doing its first round of grant-giving in August of 2013.

For its first round of grant giving, the Cancer and Critical Care Fund selected three individuals within Oceana County and surrounding areas who will each receive a $500 grant. These grants are to cover any current medical expenses awaiting payment.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a Cancer and Critical Care Fund grant, please share your story by emailing: