Love Life and Live Long

The Cancer and Critical Care Fund promotes healthy choices that lead to living longer and reducing your risk of illness or disease. You can start making positive changes in your life with the CCC Fund’s guidance and support. Even the smallest efforts will result in longevity and better health.

Take time in the morning to stretch, improve your diet, or simply spend a minute every day to tell yourself you’re the best person you can be.


Three C's of Longevity


From Near and Far—Supporting the Cause

No matter where in the world they are,

people who grew up or lived in Oceana County have a deep appreciation for this unique area of West Michigan.

Moving out of your hometown, whether it be to start a family, take a new job, or simply to get a change of views, doesn’t mean leaving forever. Classmates, relatives and childhood friends have spread across cities, states and countries. No matter where we reside, our hometown roots will never leave us.

Though the Cancer and Critical Care Fund was established in Oceana County and it’s funds will be used to assist families living in the area, both locals and non-Michiganders have shown their support by making donations.

Seal of Oceana County, Michigan

Seal of Oceana County, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Pentwater to Lansing, Indianapolis to Chicago, even as far as Montana, individuals and businesses are giving back to the communities within Oceana County.

Many hands make light work and the tremendous support that the Cancer and Critical Care Fund has received thus far is a result of many hands as well. Because of supporters like you, this fund will assist families in Oceana County with financial expenses due to cancer or a critical illness and will help to keep our growing community together, no matter where in the world life takes us.

So to all of those near and far, we would like to say ‘thank you’. 

Cullen Haffey Memorial Fund—Balloon Launch

The Cullen Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 9.00.09 AMHaffey Memorial           Golf Outing on Monday, May 20th was a special day for the friends, family, students and community members who joined together once again, in remembrance of a young man so dear to their hearts.


A balloon launch for Cullen was the start to a magical evening at the Schenandoah County Club in West Bloomfield where hundreds gathered to raise money for the Cullen Haffey Memorial Fund. 


The Haffeys, whom we consider to be more than just friends, will always have a loving and supportive place within the Fuller family.


If you would like to make a donation to the Cullen Haffey Memorial Fund and the Band of Brothers Scholarship at Brother Rice High School, please visit this website.

Geting the Kids Involved

The 1st annual poster contest is underway! All K-6th graders in Oceana County are invited to submit a design for this year’s Cancer and Critical Care Fund poster. Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 10.47.01 AM

Using an 8X11 sheet of paper, students are asked to answer this question: Why is it important to help others?

Encourage your kids to get involved. Show them how they can make a positive impact on their community. Get creative! Any additional materials can be used: paint, markers, construction paper, you name it!

The winning poster submission will be announced at the golf outing on June 8th at the Colonial.

$100.00 cash prize to the student whose poster design is selected!

Make sure your child’s teacher provides information and instructions to insure that everyone is given a fair opportunity to participate.